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Katy Kat reviewed Allstar Martial Arts Academy
via Facebook

I love it and not just me as mom if not my 6-Year-old daughter. They teach you discipline, Personal Defense, respect etc. If you want an academy for your children where you seriously want them to learn, Allstar Martial Arts Academy is the best option. They are patients, professionals and pretty nice. My daughter is learning a lot and at the same time enjoying this experience, they do an amazing job both with children and adults. 100 % recommended, not egos and much mutual support!

Dianne H

I Love it! I put my kids into training a few months ago to help them learn to focus and I am so impressed with how much they have changed in such a small amount of time! They're always so excited about training and begging me to bring them to's never a hassle to get them ready to go like it has been with other sports or after school activities. In addition to the martial arts skills, the fitness, balance, and kids have learned how to be disciplined, how to stand up straight and still, and how to practice eye contact. The training isn't all physical...each class, the instructors talk about a life skill/lesson that they encourage the kids to practice at home or at school. Last week they talked about courtesy and how to show courtesy to others. It's really a great program for fitness and life skills.

My kids have loved it so much and I'm always practicing with them at home..I recently decided to try taking classes for myself and I'm loving it just as much as my kids! Each class I'm learning self defense and martial arts AND getting a pretty intense cardio workout! I highly recommend this facility and program to anyone and everyone!

Vero A Téllez reviewed Allstar Martial Arts Academy
via Facebook

My shy 6 years old daughter loves
her classes, her instructors are helping her to feel confident and brave,I couldn't be happier !!! One of my best decisions as mom😀amazing family owned place!!!

Vickie Hollinger Swords reviewed Allstar Martial Arts Academy
via Facebook

Great instructors and no place better for your kiddos (and you!) to build confidence, discipline, & respect, all while learning how to protect yourself. The Parent's Night Out and birthday party's are amazing options also! Don't forget, you can also break some boards too!!

Anthony Guaglione reviewed Allstar Martial Arts Academy
via Facebook

Exceptional instructors! Great family friendly environment very conducive to learning! Highly recommend!!!

Autumn Dawn reviewed Allstar Martial Arts Academy
via Facebook

Our 6 and 8 year old sons started here a couple of months ago. They absolutely love it and would go everyday if we could get them there. They are learning so much including focus and discipline. The results are amazing. The instructors are all family and you can tell that they love what they do and the children they teach. Highly recommend this place!!!

Crystal Bartolomeo-Chavis reviewed Allstar Martial Arts Academy
via Facebook

Love love love them! My kids love going twice a week. The tuition is very reasonable as well. They are so popular they opened up another studio and added additional classes to the Wellington studio to accommodate their students!

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About Our Tournaments

All ages and ranks are welcome to compete at our fun, exciting, family-friendly Tournaments! Our students LOVE to compete to try and win MEDALS!

Tournaments are an opportunity for some friendly competition with peers from your taekwondo class and with new taekwondo friends. We offer a few local competitions and a few national competitions each year for our students to attend.

Students are required to attend at least one tournament before their black belt test. Students have the opportunity to compete in forms, flag sparring, contact sparring, board breaking, flag sparring, and even weapons!

SPRING 2022 National Tournament in Baton Rouge, LA

Event Date: Friday, March 11 and Saturday, March 12, 2022

Location: Baton Rouge Marriott at 5500 Hilton Avenue in Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70808 Ph: 800-228-9290; 225-924-5000

Students may compete in forms (patterns), self defense (for beginners), contact point sparring (intermediate & advanced students), board breaking, flag sparring, or weapons.

Competitors are to wear their full uniform, with all required patches sewn on, and belts (no t-shirts, please). Contact sparring students are to have a full set of TU approved sparring gear (head, hand, foot, mouth guard, elbow pads, shin guards, groin protection for boys.)

If you plan on attending, please review the uniform and gear requirements before registering.


*Scheduled times are estimates and subject to change.

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Uniform and Sparring Gear Requirements

Competitors must comply with competition Uniform & Gear Requirements or they will NOT be permitted to compete and no refund of competition fees will be issued.

Uniform: Clean, white Taekwondo United (TU) approved uniforms ONLY- no black or colored pants allowed. Uniforms must have a 4.5 inch TU patch and a 4.5 inch Allstar patch sewn onto the front left & right chest. Black belts have specific requirements at each Degree level regarding their uniforms. If you are unsure of your requirements, please contact the front desk.

Sparring Gear: TU approved gear only – foam dipped red or black gear with a TU logo – no Allstar logo gear allowed. All competitors MUST wear head, hand, foot, elbow, shin pads along with mouth guard and groin protector (males).

Taekwondo United Courtesy Policy: Any competitor, spectator, parent or judge that exhibits unsportsmanlike conduct, or interferes with the positive competition atmosphere will be asked to leave the facility without refund. Remember the Tenets: Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control and Indomitable Spirit.

Note: Competition divisions are determined by rank, size, and age. Competitors may be matched with someone larger or taller than themselves. Since martial arts skills mostly rely on speed, technique, and agility, size will generally have little effect on the results of the competition.

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